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Equinox Academy

Since its inception in 1993, the Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI) has become renowned for producing some of the top personal trainers in the industry through focused, applied exercise science education. With the creation of Equinox Academy in 2005, the first and only EFTI program available to non-employees began to transform fitness enthusiasts and career changers into successful personal trainers.

General Program Overview

Equinox Academy is a 7-weekend course designed for people who are passionate about fitness and wish to become personal trainers, but do not yet have the experience and/or certifications to get started on their own. The comprehensive curriculum provides the foundational knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in the field, whether they are career changers or novice trainers.

The course is taught by top physical therapists, exercise physiologists, kinesiologists, and EFTI Certified Master Instructors.

Immediate employment opportunities are available to the top Equinox Academy graduates. Full tuition reimbursement available (tenure and productivity requirements apply).

The Equinox Difference and Philosophy

Through comprehensive lectures and hands-on training from top Equinox talent, Equinox Academy equips every attendee with the knowledge and program design skills they need to become an accomplished personal trainer in their own right.

Study. Learn. Teach

Study and grow with our leading Equinox personal trainers and education partners.