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Pilates Curriculum


The training is separated into five modules. Students can register for either a Mat Certification (Module 1 only) or a Comprehensive Certification (all five Modules)

MODULE 1 (24 seminar hours + 6 apprentice hours + 5 Test Out hours): Mat Certification + Group Fitness Skills

MODULE 2 (27 seminar hours + 100 apprentice hours): Beginner Level Exercises and Teaching Skills + Anatomy 1 + Voice Training 1

MODULE 3 (48 seminar hours + 200 apprentice hours): Intermediate Level Exercises and Teaching Skills + Anatomy 2

MODULE 4 (27 seminar hours + 100 apprentice hours): Advanced Level Exercises and Teaching Skills + Anatomy 3 + Voice Training 2

MODULE 5 (12 seminar hours + 50 apprentice hours): Business + Fitness Club Skills + Voice Training 3



Students will thoroughly learn the comprehensive repertoire, from beginning to advanced-level exercises, including how to make the practice suitable for any individual.  Our program follows the method that Joseph Pilates originally created in the early 1920s, while applying modern fitness knowledge to this system.
Students will develop a confident and personal teaching style, effective cueing techniques and powerful client communication skills.
Students will learn how to succeed as a Pilates instructor, learning how to build a business, maintain that business and retain clients.
Students will learn how to successfully apply Pilates to the group fitness arena by learning how to create the appropriate atmosphere and content for an exciting, dynamic group fitness class.

Students will learn in-depth biomechanics and anatomy, how it pertains to Pilates, and how to appropriately handle special cases and injuries.

Students will learn vocal skills specifically directed to the Pilates professional.

The Options

There are two options for participation in the program:

  1. Mat Certification: Module 1 can be taken as a stand-alone module. At successful completion of Module 1, you will receive your Pilates Mat Class Certification. Time commitment for this is two weeks.
  2. Comprehensive Certification: Modules 1-5 are completed as a package. This is the best certification if you want to become a fully-certified Pilates instructor on all equipment and apparatus. You must complete all 5 modules, 450 apprentice hours (made up of observation, self practice, and practice teaching), and pass the corresponding exams. Time commitment for this is six months to one year, depending on the pace at which you complete your apprentice hours.


Apprentice hour detail

Mat Certification only: 6 apprentice hours completed after seminar weekend.

Comprehensive Training: 450 apprentice hours completed on your own schedule.  Complete ten apprentice hours/week, and you will finish in 12 months. Complete 20 apprentice hours/week, and finish in six months.