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Pilates FAQs

What is the Pilates Teacher Training at Equinox?[+]

We offer two different courses of study: the Mat Certification Program and the Comprehensive Training Program.

The Mat Certification is a weekend course that gives you the skills necessary to teach an engaging, safe and fun group fitness-style Pilates mat class. 

The Comprehensive Training is a complete Pilates education and includes in-depth study of the Pilates Method, anatomy, sequencing, teaching skills, voice training and business development. 

Both programs offer a dynamic, integrative approach to the art of teaching and practicing Pilates, founded in the Equinox philosophy that Pilates is a workout encompassing strength, power and agility to assist clients in achieving their fitness goals.

This teacher training is suitable for anyone interested in delving deeper into their Pilates practice or for those who seek to become certified Pilates instructors. Drawing together world-class Pilates instructors from across the country, this multi-faceted training gives trainees the opportunity to learn from the best of the best.
What is PMA and is this training approved by the PMA?[+]
Yes, this training is registered with the Pilates Method Alliance. The Pilates Method Alliance® (PMA®) is the international, not–for–profit, professional association dedicated to the teachings of Joseph H. and Clara Pilates. Although there is no legal certification to become a Pilates instructor, most studios and gyms require proof of completion of a PMA-registered teacher training to begin teaching classes and clients.
Who is teaching the training and what are their qualifications?[+]
Led by Equinox faculty and guest presenters, Equinox Pilates Teacher Training offers exposure to an incredibly talented and diverse group of teachers to help you launch a successful Pilates career.  Our main curriculum was developed by Carrie Macy, National Pilates Training Manager at Equinox. Anatomy curriculum by Maura Barclay, CPT, RYT, and voice curriculum by Margaret Kemp, Professor of Voice and Movement, Pomona College.
What is included in the curriculum of this training?[+]

The training is broken into five different modules. Each module requires a set number of apprentice hours, i.e. practice hours, which include teaching others, personal practice, and observation. Candidates may choose to take Module 1 (Mat Certification) on its own or Modules 1-5 as a unit (Comprehensive program).

Our curriculum includes the following elements:

•CLASSICAL PILATES: Students will thoroughly learn the comprehensive repertoire, from beginning to advanced-level exercises, including how to make the practice suitable for any individual. Our program follows the method that Joseph Pilates originally created in the early 1920s, while applying modern fitness knowledge to this system.

•PROGRESSIVE TEACHING: additions to classical repertoire to make it an organic addition to an individual’s existing fitness program

•TEACHING SKILLS: Students will develop a confident and personal teaching style, effective cueing techniques and powerful client communication skills.

•CAREER SKILLS: Students will learn how to succeed as a Pilates instructor, learning how to build a business, maintain that business and retain clients.

•GROUP FITNESS: Students will learn how to successfully apply Pilates to the group fitness arena by learning how to create the appropriate atmosphere and content for an exciting, dynamic group fitness class.

•INTEGRATIVE ANATOMY: Students will learn in-depth biomechanics and anatomy, how it pertains to Pilates, and how to appropriately handle special cases and injuries.

•VOICE: Students will learn vocal skills specifically directed to the Pilates professional.
What is included in the price of teacher training?[+]

Your tuition for the Comprehensive program covers all weekend seminars with your lead instructors, apprentice meetings, 450 apprentice practice hours, a comprehensive manual, and access to a network of resources to further your personal development, professional growth, education and teaching career.  Mat Certification tuition covers the weekend seminar and test out, a mat Pilates manual, and time for practice teaching.

I have only been practicing Pilates for a short time. Can I still attend the Pilates Teacher Training at Equinox?[+]
While it is recommended that you have been practicing Pilates for at least one year (or 20+ classes) to begin the Comprehensive Training and at least 10 group mat classes for the Mat Certification, anyone with the desire to learn is invited to attend the trainings. Everyone is welcome to deepen their involvement with this amazing practice no matter what the experience level.
Will I be qualified to teach at the end of the Pilates Teacher Training at Equinox?[+]

Yes! Once all classroom hours, apprentice hours, homework assignments, and exams are completed you will be ready to teach Pilates classes. Also, following completion of the comprehensive program, you will be eligible to register for the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) exam to become a certified Pilates instructor. One of the benefits of training at Equinox is that after successful completion of module 3 material and test out, you’ll be eligible to interview for employment at an Equinox studio as an apprentice teacher.

What if I know I cannot make one or more of the weekend sessions from the schedule?[+]
Any missed sessions or requirements must be completed before you receive your certificate of completion. Missed sessions can be made up during the next teacher training session in your region and must be arranged through the teacher trainers.
How many students enroll in each training, on average? What is the typical age range of participants?[+]

Each Mat Certification ranges from 8 - 30 participants, and each Comprehensive teacher training has between 5 and 15 participants. We have students from ages 18 and up from all walks of life!

What if I want to teach at Equinox or Pure Yoga after the training is completed?[+]

The comprehensive program and mat certification will prepare you to teach anywhere.  Upon training completion of the comprehensive program, you can apply for positions at Equinox. Completion of the training is great preparation for working at these world-class facilities, but it is not a guarantee of future employment with either Equinox or Pure Yoga. Use your time during the training to form a network with your teacher trainers and fellow trainees to begin to develop your business relationships for your future teaching path.

Are books and training materials included in the price of the teacher training?[+]

A comprehensive and detailed manual is included in your tuition price. Additional readings and textbooks are not included in the tuition price and will be your responsibility. All students will be required to read ‘Return to Life’ by Joseph H. Pilates and comprehensive students also must have a copy of ‘Trail Guide to the Body’.

How much does the program cost?[+]

Mat Certification: Module 1                                                                                     


Comprehensive Program: Modules 1-5 Includes:   
Mat Certification                              
Beginner Level Apparatus Exercises   
Intermediate Level Apparatus Exercises   
Advanced Level Apparatus Exercises  
Injuries/Special Populations  
Integrated Anatomy                                                        
Business Skills
Voice Skills


How long will it take me to finish the program?[+]

Most students will finish the program between six months and one year if they enroll in the comprehensive course (all five modules), depending on how long it takes the student to complete their apprentice hours. Students will finish the Mat Certification in 10 days.

How many hours per week of apprentice hours do I need to do?[+]
For the Comprehensive Program, we recommend students complete between 10 and 20 apprentice hours weekly. This includes personal practice, observation, and practice teaching others. The required 450 apprentice hours will be finished in six months if students complete 20 hours per week, and the hours will be finished in 12 months if students complete 10 hours per week. For the Mat Certification, 6 hours of practice teaching must be completed between the seminar weekend and the following Saturday test out day.
Can I just get certified in mat?[+]
Yes, students wishing to learn to teach an open level mat class should only enroll in module 1.
Does the full program include training on all the apparatus?[+]
The Comprehensive program includes training on the mat, Reformer, Wunda Chair, High Chair, Cadillac, Ped-o-pull, and Barrels.