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Launching in 2015.


For 18 years, Equinox has been the source for trendsetting, energizing group fitness. Our programs are consistently ahead of the curve with results-based workouts that motivate the masses. Now, Equinox is ready to share the science and art of group dynamics, music and motivation with aspiring group fitness leaders.

General Program Overview

The Equinox Group Fitness Training Institute offers a progressive curriculum that covers the vast knowledge and unique skill-set required to be a successful group leader. This systematic program offers four stages of learning, from foundational must-know education such as applied anatomy to presentation and the art of group motivation. Innovation, on-going education and professional development are part of the culture of success at Equinox and the GFTI program explores critical concepts that define and refine an instructor’s elemental signature style.

The Equinox Difference & Philosophy

Our program was developed by the Best of Equinox, our world-class instructors who have mastered the knowledge and skills to lead the industry. The team has years of experience and has been teaching at Equinox and presenting at fitness conferences for over twenty years.

Study. Learn. Teach

To ensure that you are equipped with the most integrated up-to-date science and theory on all matters relevant to Group Fitness, Equinox GFTI has partnered with global industry leaders PTontheNET and PTAGlobal to create the most extensive curriculum that prepares you to teach. Webinars from incredible thinkers of our generation, from Paul Chek to Dr Len Kravitz, and Michol Dalcourt and practical training workshops combine as a curriculum to move you from an entry level instructor to a professional with a competitive edge in a diverse marketplace.