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Group Fitness Curriculum

Equinox Group Fitness Training Institute (GFTI) has partnered with global industry leaders PTontheNET and PTAGlobal to create the most extensive curriculum to prepare you to teach. Everything we do is geared toward expanding your fitness education and starting your career; we prepare you for success.

Throughout the course of GFTI, you will master the key elements of teaching group fitness: applied anatomy and biomechanics, program design, choreography, technique, coaching, inspired cueing, successful sequencing, progressions and regressions, presentation skills, musicality, career success and the magic power of ‘it’.

Together our team will help transform your desire to teach into knowledge and an inspired skill set so you can deliver incredible class experiences every time you teach. Furthermore, you will start teaching right away so our team can immediately begin to mentor you through a process of continuous and incremental improvement so you can begin to discern your unique offering in the world. Together we will explore critical concepts that define and refine your elemental signature style.


100 hours of education and practical learning including the following topics
  • Applied Anatomy, Physiology
  • Human Design and Function: Functional Biomechanics
  • Components of Fitness
  • 5 Stages of Exercise Progression
  • Basic Concepts of Periodization
  • Sports Conditioning Principles
  • Program Design
  • Anatomy of A Class
  • Art & Science of Teaching
  • Sequencing for Success
  • Health Psychology & Behavior Changes
  • Motivation Mastery
  • Problem Solving in Group Settings
  • Conscious Cueing, Communication
  • The Unseen Dialogue-Body Language
  • Musicality Classroom Management, Program Design
  • Vocal Power Training
  • Capitalizing on your Strengths
  • Creating an Experience
  • Special Populations, Tools, Application
  • Professionalism, Branding & Marketing
  • Liability & Risk working with Groups
  • Roles of the New Fitness Professional/State of the Industry
  • Trends in Group Exercise
  • Social Media Prowess
  • Strategies for Self Care
  • Progressions and Regressions
  • Training your Eye
  • Mobility and Flexibility Sequencing
  • Warm-ups and Movement Recovery
  • Self-Myofascial Release & Flexibility Training
  • Manipulating Workouts: Using Equipment Modalities and Variations
  • Equinox Extensive Exercise Library
  • Equinox Group Fitness Black Book of Resource and Teaching Tips