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Group Fitness FAQs

Who is conducting the training and what are their qualifications?

All Equinox faculty are expert instructors and teacher trainers with over 15 years of experience, leading the industry and setting standards applied to group fitness programming today. There will always be faculty present and an on-site mentor will be available for support and questions. All participants will have complementary materials, articles and a clearly defined road map to successfully navigate the learning opportunities.

Are books and training materials included in the price of the teacher training?

Webinars, articles, videos and supplementary reading materials are included in your tuition price. Additional readings and textbooks are not included in the tuition price and will be your responsibility. All students will be required to purchase and read The Trail Guide to the Body "4th Edition" by Andrew Biel.

After I finish my training, can I start to teach? [+]

Yes! Once all classroom hours, contact hours and homework assignments are completed you will be prepared to teach group fitness classes. To be eligible to teach, most employers require an additional certification and current CPR training. Your GFTI faculty mentor will help you determine which national certification program to consider. In addition, there is an opportunity to pursue Global Certification with our exclusive partnership with PTA Global.  Furthermore, one of the benefits of training at Equinox is that after completion of all modules and passing a national certification and CPR training, you’ll be eligible and have the opportunity to audition for employment at an Equinox Fitness Club.

What is included in the curriculum of this training?

The Equinox Group Fitness Training Institute is the first full-contact, hands-on comprehensive learning experience of its kind in the fitness industry. Graduates of GFTI will bring the level of education and experience of teaching to a new standard, truly changing the face of fitness. See the curriculum page for a discussion of all the topics covered.

How many hours of dedicated hours must I commit to per week?[+]

In addition to class time, most students will need, on average, between ten and twenty additional hours per week to complete course requirements. This includes personal practice, class observations, homework, online curriculum study and teaching others.

How many students enroll, on average, in each training? What is the typical age range of participants?

Each teacher training has between 15 and 25 participants. The course is open to fitness enthusiasts and aspiring instructors ages 18 and up from diverse backgrounds and disciplines

I have no teaching experience, am I still qualified to attend?[+]

While it is recommended that you have a general level of fitness and health, anyone with the desire to learn is invited to attend the trainings. Everyone is welcome to try this path no matter what the experience level. The curriculum is designed to instruct all levels, from those with a desire to master their own fitness level to those with a passion to share their love of fitness and train others.

What if I know I cannot make one or more of the weekend sessions from the schedule?

Any missed sessions or requirements must be completed before you will receive your certificate of completion. Missed sessions can be made up during the next teacher training session in your region and must be arranged through the faculty.

I have only been working out for a short time. Can I still attend Equinox Group Fitness Training Institute?[+]

While it is recommended that you have good health and a general level of fitness, anyone with the desire to learn is invited to attend the trainings. Everyone is welcome to deepen their inspiration, personal knowledge of fitness and ability to lead others, no matter what their experience level.

What if I want to teach at Equinox after the training is complete?

The Equinox Group Fitness Training Institute will prepare you to teach anywhere, and upon training completion you can audition for the opportunity to teach at Equinox. Completion of the training is great preparation for working at these world-class facilities, however it is not a guarantee of future employment. Use your time during the training to form a network with your teacher trainers and fellow trainees to begin to develop your business relationships for your future career opportunity.

What is the Group Fitness Training Institute at Equinox?

The Equinox Group Fitness Training Institute is a current, 100-hour comprehensive program preparing anyone who cares deeply about education, health, communication and fitness. The world's leading fitness educators, master trainers and mentors will deliver hands-on, practical and participatory content linked with online weekly webinars and trainings. Each developing instructor can learn at his or her own pace and learn the essentials on how to be an influential and successful group fitness leader.

From the start of the three-phase curriculum, pre-learning and weekly teach-backs of information and "how to teach" portions of a complete class will be understood and reinforced. By the end, instructors will be teaching full classes in different disciplines with precision and knowledge, as well as developing their own unique style

What is included in the price of the teacher training?

Your tuition covers all sessions of training with your lead instructors, a complimentary Equinox regional membership, access to world-class facilities and instructors, comprehensive learning materials and an astounding network of resources to further your personal development, professional growth, education and teaching career. Furthermore, all participants are eligible to continue education at an exclusive Equinox discounted rate with PTA Global, an incredible educational organization dedicated to developing world-class fitness leaders and complete the remaining requirements to earn an international certification.