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Group Fitness Training Institute Testimonials

"This is the training I wish I had at the beginning of my career; it would have saved me years of searching as I tried to find my way through the ever-changing field of fitness. The Equinox GFTI program synthesizes thousands of hours of best practices from top presenters and educators in the industry. What I love the most is that every ounce of theory—from anatomy to the psychology of health motivation—is consistently reiterated through workshops, drills and live teaching experiences serving to continuously refine your personal offering. Teaching group fitness is an art, an expression of passion to inspire others to move their bodies and make deliberate positive changes in their lives. But it is also a science, and there are tricks to the trade. GFTI provides insights to both and ensures the ability to deliver instruction in your own authentic way to the world."
Lashaun Dale, MA, MPH, Group Fitness programming expert, Educator for GFTI and Yoga


“Group fitness has the power to change lives on both a physical and mental level. Instructors are responsible for the science of anatomy and movement, as well as providing a source of inspiration, energy and motivation. I wish I had access to a program like Equinox GFTI when I was beginning my teaching career and completing my certification. The program covers all areas of curriculum, from general class structure down to the details, nuances and skills that are necessary to be an exceptional instructor. The knowledge gained is invaluable.”
Paul Katami, International Presenter, Video star and Group Fitness Manager