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Personal Training FAQs

Is this program a certification?[+]

No, Equinox Academy is a training program, not a certification. It is designed to give you the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that you will need to get started as a personal trainer. You will, however, receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the course.

Although the EA course is not an NCSF exam prep course, interested Equinox Academy graduates will have the opportunity to take the NCSF certification exam at a discounted cost ($175). This exam is NOT included in the EA tuition fee; it is simply a benefit for our graduates since the NCSF textbook is used as a resource.

Are there any additional costs?[+]

You will receive an NCSF textbook and an Equinox Academy manual (including all presentations) as part of your tuition cost. However, we also require the purchase of Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training by Mark Vella available from Amazon.com and in most major bookstores (Retail Price: $19.95, Amazon Price: $13.57 at press time).

How much time do I need to spend studying outside of class?[+]

This completely depends on the individual and how readily each student absorbs the material in class each weekend. Some subjects require much more time outside of class, such as anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, and biomechanics – usually between two and eight hours/week.

What if I have to miss a weekend of class?[+]

While we discourage students from missing any full weekends of class due to the density of the material covered each week, we understand that prior commitments may fall on one of the seven class weekends. It is the student’s responsibility to get caught up on the material missed (via self-study and asking questions of the MIs and fellow students). The missed weekend can also be "made up" in the following course, but not in time for the final exam.

Is there an attendance or tardiness policy?[+]

Per the answer above, we do not have an official attendance policy. It’s your investment in your education that’s at stake if you miss one or more weekends of class. However, if a student is consistently late for class and/or leaving early – to the point that it’s disruptive to the rest of the class – the instructors are asked to pull that person aside to discuss the issue.

Will this program help me pass a national certification?[+]

To some degree, yes; the program can help you prepare for many national certifications (such as NSCA, NASM, ACE, and NCSF) by providing a strong foundation in the basics of anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics, exercise physiology, fitness testing, program design, and more. However, keep in mind that each national certification has a unique curriculum that will need to be studied separately and independently of the EA course.

Does this program guarantee me a job with Equinox?[+]

No. This is a stand–alone training program designed to help career changers and novice trainers with the fundamental tools that they need to succeed in the business. The training acquired in this program would help a trainer start a career with Equinox or elsewhere. This training will also be useful for those studying for most national certifications, especially those who learn best in a "live" setting.

Can I apply to work for Equinox upon completion of the program?[+]

Yes. We welcome and encourage the top talent of the program to apply to be part of our team. We frequently hire 50–75% of EA graduates and they often go on to become some of our most successful personal trainers. In addition to education, the following traits are also considered in the interview process: professionalism, personality, interpersonal and communication skills, integrity, time management, energy, drive, team fit, and more.

How would I progress at Equinox if I were hired as a graduate of this program?[+]

In addition to the advantage of working for what Fitness Magazine calls “The Best Gym in America,” if hired as a graduate of the program you would have the following advantages:

  1. You will have already completed most of the first level of our in-house education (which normally takes several months to enroll in and complete). As long as you pass the EA final exam within two attempts, you will be exempt from the majority of first level classes.
  2. You will have already done most of the coursework necessary to progress from Tier I to Tier II, which would mean an increase to the next trainer pay level. You would be eligible for promotion to Tier II assuming the following criteria:
    1. You are nationally certified
    2. You’ve attended all required first level in-house classes (topics not covered in EA)
    3. You’ve successfully completed a Tier II case study and manager-shadowed session
    4. You have manager-approved programs for all clients
    5. You have current CPR
    6. You have a clean file (no disciplinary actions)
  3. If you remain in our employ for one (1) full year from date of hire, you will be eligible for full tuition reimbursement (less taxes, as an employee), assuming the following criteria:
    1. You are a full-time employee
    2. You have completed all in-house education and are a Tier III trainer
    3. You have a recognized national certification
    4. You have current CPR
    5. You have a clean file (no disciplinary actions)
Where can I get additional information?[+]
To request further information about the program, please contact: EAinfo@equinox.com.