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Pilates Institute Testimonials

"Being one of the first people to go through the Pilates teacher training program at Equinox, I could not be happier with the instruction I have received."
Natalie Blosser, Comprehensive Training Program graduate, 6/11


"It has been amazing for me … to offer students an education program that I truly believe is the best in the country."
Carrie Macy, National Pilates Training Manager, Equinox


“I am so thankful that I chose the Equinox Pilates Program. The extra detail to cueing, voice, and the business side of training makes it unique and much more successful. I was able to build my business exponentially in only just one month of teaching. The program sets you up for success, and then opens the door for you to become an amazing instructor.”
Jeni Delpozo, Comprehensive Training Program graduate, 7/12


“The Pilates teacher trainer program offered at Equinox under the direction of Carrie Macy provides a solid foundation of knowledge, well defined instruction, supervised interaction and practical experience allowing for a student to learn and develop into a safe and effective teacher able to functionally progress clients of various abilities and skill sets.”
Robyne Wilson, Comprehensive Training Program graduate, 12/12


“I can’t say enough good things about the Comprehensive Pilates program offered at Equinox. I know that what I’ve learned through this well-developed program has set me up for a long-lasting and successful career.”
Aaron Porter, Comprehensive Training Program graduate, 2/13


“The style of teaching of the Equinox Pilates Institute creates an intense, full body workout for clients. It makes them rethink Pilates in their lives. It challenges the notion that Pilates is simply stretching. This amazing workout becomes so valuable to their lives--they can't live without it!”
Lauren Berman, Comprehensive Training Program graduate, 3/13


“My instructors [at the Equinox Pilates Institute] have been nurturing, patient and supportive. I am, for the first time in my entire life, excited about my career. I will no longer wish away my days and weeks confined to my desk. I have never felt more expressive, positive, and inspired. My future is wide open.”
Chanda Hinman, Current Comprehensive Training Program student, 5/13


“I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be your Pilates student. It was a super intense training week.... and I can’t wait to begin teaching!”
Mat Certification graduate, 4/13